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How did you do this week?

Okay after two weeks of being sick and then getting my period, I'm back. I haven't been counting points- but I'm starting again right now. So how did everyone else do? Points, calories, fat, exercise? What ever you’re counting.
I do want to offer a few things that have helped me out just in case anyone wants to know.

I have problems with iron deficiency, and depression. So when I'm dieting I have to take my vitamins or else I start craving huge amounts of food. For the depression and emotional eating I take things out of 'The Mood Cure' book- it has helped so much I highly recommend finding a copy at your library.

Easy, yummy, and low fat foods. These are a few of my favorites- hummus and other non-dairy bean dips, Trader Joes has about 5 different dips, which I love and are very few points. For sweets- meringue cookies, they are so yummy and again low in points!

Week 9 weigh in...

Because I'm not technically savvy, I was having problems posting my weigh in and the pictures of progress I've been promising. So here they are.

Last Week: 284.5
This week: 279.5

Is excited. Another drop this week, I'm almost at the fifty pounds gone mark. I've also decided that until I drop another 30 I'm not buying anymore clothing...i'm wrecking my budget.

And as promised. Photos...
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I just want to give a big, huge thank you to eeyore9990 .  She has been such a huge force behind this comm staying up and going!  Actually, I think she personally recruited over 90% of the members (seriously!).

I've had huge motivation problems, but it's nice to know that even if I fall down, I can get back up and come to this place.  (Now I say this as I eat half a bag of cookies .... but at least my milk is 1%).

Fighting the good fight...

Who said this would be easy?
As the weeks have progressed I've noticed that there have been fewer posts onto FWI, but I want everyone to know that we're still here.  Maybe you've moved this group to a filter you don't view everyday, or you only check in on Friday for weigh in, but remember, if you're having a bad day and need a kick in the pants, a virtual hand hold or hug, then let us know.
I too, have suffered  for NPI (non-Postitis) and I'm hoping that with this post I can remedy that.  Now onto the actual reason of my post.
I've been changing the way I eat, since early July and with it I've noticed a dramatic shift in how I spend my time.  I've spent entire days off of my home computer and haven't felt the frantic need to check it all the time.  I've picked up books I've been meaning to read and have actually started, finished and began even more.   But most importantly, I've realized that this isn't going to be easy.
This is by far one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.
Since I'm not married, nor have children, I can't speak for those who do, but I have to admit, battling with myself and my surroundings for control of my body had been and will continue to be an uphill battle…but I've got my boxing gloves on and I'm ready to take it on.  And for those of you who have both your good days and bad I hope you'll continue the fight with me

How did you do this week?

So how did everyone do- here is the place to post points, calories, days of exercise or whatever else you keep track of.

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How did you do this week?

Hello everyone. I'm posting points, but feel free to share whatever your goal is. How much exercise you did. How many fruits and veggies you ate. Calorie count. Whatever it is please post about it

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Just Do It! Do what, you ask? Get Naked!

To steal from the popular Nike phrase, I would like to keep the momentum going for you ladies and tell you to "just do it."  No excuses, no worries, no fretting, just drop trou in front of your nearest mirror and take a look at the new you that you've started working on.

Terrified of seeing your image naked, not sure if you want to know exactly how many rolls you have.  Well, here's some words of advice from Debbie Allen, that I heard a long time ago and think about, whenever confronted with my own naked image in a mirror:  "If you can't look at it how can you expect anyone else to?" 

So as you start to gets discouraged because you didn't lose another pound this week, or want to eat that piece of chocolate cake.  Remember your naked image and what you're fighting for. 

Status Quo

When I woke my husband up this morning, it was to say, "I didn't gain weight!"

The past two weeks have been rough. My calorie intake has stayed below 1620, just as it should, and I have even started exercising; but the entire time, I just knew that I wasn't losing weight. This morning when I weighed in, I had lost .6 lbs. I see that as maintenance. This is the first time in the past five months that I have seen less than a pound lost when weighing in.

I have continued to lose inches. Unfortunately, I have never measured myself so I don't know specifics, but new clothes bought last weekend are already showing signs of loosening.

I am shooting for the 199lb. mark. Only 4 lbs to go and I will be under 200 for the first time in over ten years. Gotta keep my eye on the goal.

French Fry Fan....

I have a problem. I LOVE french fries. They are starchy salty goodness (especially from McDonalds when they are hot and still a bit oily....mmmmmmmmm) So, to help me with my problem, if I am having a particular craving, I still make burgers and fries, but I do it a little differently.

I don't use beef very often anymore, so I make my burgers with ground turkey, and instead of white potatoes, I make sweet potato home fries.

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Last Night we had Turkey Sloppy Joes, Sweet Potato Fries, and Green beans...mmmmmmm.


Exercise? You Must Be Joking


I had an interesting time today. Although I have lost 61 lbs, I have not (and I need to emphasize the NOT here) done it by exercising. I knew (and know) in my head that I am going to have to exercise to get rid of the flab, but I just really didn't want to. I hate exercising with a passion that none can comprehend. On the flip side, if I had a lap-pool available, I would be in it every freaking minute and wouldn't have to worry about exercising, because I could swim! But I don't have one so...

Two of my employees decided that they are going to exercise at work at 5:00 Monday - Thursday. I didn't make it yesterday, as I was in meetings too late, but tonight I was able to slip out of my office in my snazzy workout clothes and participate.

We did an 18 minute walking DVD and I thought I was going to die.

I did well, though, and although there were only three of us tonight, I can see how this is going to be beneficial. So, my snazzy workout clothes are in the washer and I am stepping up tomorrow to go another round.

This is the hardest part of weight loss for me this time. I am really going to depend heavily on peer support for this portion of our program.